Compatibility guarantee

How does our guarantee work?

Your skin did not tolerate one of our products? We will refund you the purchase price of the actiMare product used if the following conditions are met. The requested information is very important to us because we are always willing to improve our products.

What does our warranty cover and what does not?

Please note that we

  • can refund products that were only purchased through the actiMare online shop.
  • can refund the actual purchase price. This means that we will refund you the purchase price minus any discounts / vouchers used. Example: You ordered our face cream for 19 € and still used a 10% voucher. Then the actual purchase price was € 17.10. In this case we would reimburse you for the 17.10 €.
  • Do NOT pay out vouchers and discounts, as well as other perks. Instead, you will get the voucher (general conditions / validity remain unaffected).
  • DO NOT reimburse samples. Our samples are intended to be used to try out the product to check compatibility. That is why we also offer these at a low price. The compatibility guarantee does not apply here.
  • CANNOT refund shipping costs. Shipping is an external service and is unfortunately not covered by our guarantee.
  • the warranty is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

The reimbursement will be made using the payment method you received from of the order.

What to do in the warranty case!

Write to us simply use the contact form with the following information:

  • your order number # (at the moment there is our compatibility guarantee only for customers who have ordered in our online shop)
  • Your first and last name (please specify as in the order)
  • Which of our products triggered the intolerance?
  • A brief description of the intolerance (e.g. appearance of redness on the forehead, itchy reaction shortly after Apply)